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9 Best Banarasi Saree Designs for Weddings 

Weddings set the stage to flaunt your fashion, curves and personality. The Banarasi sarees that you choose to wear reflect all of these. Indian weddings are highly pompous occasions that require a unique style while maintaining a sacred elegance. 

This auspicious event must definitely be accompanied by a glamorous Bnarasi saree. However, all Banarasi sarees look dazzling. So how do you choose which one to go for? Fear not; we have shortlisted nine Banarasi saree designs perfect for adorning yourself for weddings.  

ONE: The Stunning Golden Banarsi saree with intricate zari work

The colour gold has been associated with good fortune since the beginning of time. In this context, it is a metaphor for success and authority. A woman's heart might be said to be "crowned" by the exquisite golden Banarasi saree, a lovely weave from Varanasi. The design of this Banarasi saree is perfect for evening ceremonies. 

Wearing a banarasi silk saree made of gold will be an attractive way to brighten the evening. Intricate zari embroidery gives them a shiny lustre. When paired with a golden or black sequined blouse and diamond jewellery, these sarees take on a new level of cuteness. A more muted beige gold colour has emerged as a must-have for brides. A beautiful offshoot of gold with its own subtleties.

TWO: The Vibrant Red Banarasi Saree With Auspicious Brocades 

It's no surprise that this beautiful Banarasi saree immediately impacts brides, as it represents the reason for the wedding itself: love. It is common for these sarees to feature elaborate zari work on the pallu and thick golden borders. They may also have subtle floral and lotus designs with intricately-woven brocades, making the banarasi saree designs radiate a divine aura of femininity which holds even more strongly in a bride. 

The sensual red colour is eye candy, so if you want a classy, jaw-dropping look, Red Banarasi sarees should be your first choice. They perfectly interlace an ethnic and chic look and are the epitome of beauty on brides.

THREE: The Jaw-Dropping Black Banarsi Saree

No one knows what to say when a bride walks down the aisle in a Black Banarasi saree since no other colour can compare. The parents are crying, and the groom is grinning slyly. These sarees are usually accompanied by silver or golden zari work on the border and pallu with small, beautiful inscribed motifs on the body. This Banarsi saree gives you an incomparable aura that grabs eyeballs and keeps them mystified. 

FOUR: The Red Banarasi Saree With Striking Motifs

Red Banarasi sarees have a distinct allure, accentuated by the meticulously woven motifs on their body and pallu. These motifs are usually made from metallic golden threads, so they have a magnificent sheen. The motifs usually symbolise love, prosperity and fertility, and their designs include paisley, flowers, peacocks, or parrots. These motifs are relatively heavy but carry much visual weight to the saree. Dazzle everyone with this motif-infused red banarasi saree design. It will be a surefire way to make yourself unforgettable at the wedding. 

FIVE: The Banarasi Saree With Heavy Golden Borders

Banarasi sarees in all colours are enhanced by the borders that they behold. These borders are usually pervaded by golden embroidery, golden sequins, and golden mirror work or heavily patterned with criss-cross golden zardozi. This enthralling quality of these Banarasi sarees naturally draws attention towards them. These banarasi saree designs have a simple body but extravagant borderwork. These sarees are usually paired with subtle jewellery but a heavily-embellished contrast blouse. They are the perfect way to feel empowered and comfortable at a wedding. 

SIX: The Ornate Pink Banarsi Saree

The pink hue of the bride's dress is a perfect complement to her soft, happy heart and the elegance of her touch. The hypnotic effect of its ethereal hue causes onlookers to gasp in wonder. Its soft colour makes one gasp in the trance of its magical energy. 

This banarasi saree design has golden brocades with subtle lotus or floral designs on the borders. It is the core of femininity, making it the pinnacle of the bridal trousseau. It may also be complemented by silver zari work and small-sized motifs. A green contrast blouse looks stunning with this saree. It is a preferred choice for afternoon weddings as the sun makes its zari work shimmer with glory. 

SEVEN: The Banarasi Saree With a Net Pallu

A Banarasi saree can be accessorised with embellished belts, capes and scarves. However, the most enlivening of these banarasi saree designs are a net pallu. The mesh-like structure of the pallu makes it look graceful, as though it pours like cream. Moreover, it makes the bride feel like royalty, as though she is a rich highness from mediaeval India.

EIGHT: The Magnificent Wine Purple Banarasi Saree 

Early evening or late afternoon weddings will benefit significantly from this beautiful colour. Woven by hand by trained artisans, Jamawar and jamdani sarees include a richly coloured silk thread in the weft and intricate labyrinth patterns in the manner of Jamawar and jamdani across the saree's body. Fruits, flowers, and other symbols of fertility are woven liberally throughout the pallu. Putting on this saree is like putting on an instant mood booster; you'll feel like dancing, singing, and wrapping your arms around yourself the whole time. Every bride's dream on her wedding day is to wear a saree. 

NINE: The Pine Green Banarasi Saree With Heavy Golden Borders

There are myriad shades of green that you could go for, such as basil green, emerald green and forest green. However, pine green crowns the hierarchy. Its natural dark lustre with a midday shine from the heavy golden borders makes it a saree ready to be devoured by your godly curves. 

Pine green sarees are usually paired with rich, golden blouses to match the elaborate golden work on its pallu. It may also contain small golden motifs on the body. It exudes traditional energy with a hint of modernity. 

These nine saree designs have got you all figured out. Their enchanting vibes, along with their aesthetic appearance, make them a must-have for weddings. 

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