A new-generation weaver with an old weaving soul.

Hi, I am Kashif Iqbal.

I am a believer. I believe in being the best version and offering the best.

I believe in transparency. I want you to see and shop what you see.

I want your satisfaction.

I want your comfort.

I want you.

I am because you are.


First time in the history of online saree shopping, a male has come forward to break the shackles of the existential charm of womanhood. Yes, men can do it too. Stereotypes? Well, someone had to do it.

Hi, I am Kasif Iqbal. Repeating it so you can remember my name. I am a college dropout who chose a saree as his second love. I dropped out of college to pursue my passion.

I am the face behind The Usee Shop. On Instagram, you know me as a guy with a straight face and glasses. Here, you will know me and my story. We will talk about sarees, culture, fabric, weaving, etc.

We are 3rd generation manufacturer established in the core of Varanasi since 1917. The lineage of the saree is by far the most graceful resemblance of culture and art. And while growing up, I heard stories of my grandfather and father weaving sarees for people across the country.

Why The Usee Shop?

Banarasi Sarees are the epitome of weaving fabric. Originating from Banaras, the most authentic products and the best in business over various generations tied culture with it. And we are proud to have been born and brought up here in Banaras.

The Usee Shop is a one-stop shopping experience that offers the “see and then shop” mantra.

We started selling from Instagram. And launching a website is a gift from us to our audience as we strengthen to over 100k robust family.


The Usee Shop is proud to introduce both the culture of Banarasi sarees and modern lifestyles. We strive to give you the authenticity and fashionable epiphany you wish to inhibit in your personality.

Our handloom products are fresher than ever to make you look younger. And we want to create an online brand because we want to give authentic products to our users with no third-party platform coming in between. And that way, you’ll be sure that the products are genuine, fresh and obviously the best from the roots of Banaras.

The downside of Banarasi products reaching indirectly to you through various other platforms is that the weavers don’t receive the credit they deserve. Very often, they don’t receive the rights and recognition they deserve nor the credits of which they are worthy. As a result, their profit margin is relatively small, and that’s how they feel exploited.

At The Usee Shop, we will end all of it. And because they will directly produce for us, they will get the rights they deserve. Most of the weavers are our relatives living next door and at the end of the lanes where we play cricket so often.

Our Vision

What is in the name?

Everything you want to know.

The Usee Shop is determined to be the best in service to our customers. Therefore, we will strive harder to bring you authentic and genuine sarees directly from the chambers of our weavers.

We have worked in collaboration with e-commerce platforms. We know how things function. For example, Banarasi sarees are being sold on various platforms throughout India with names like bollywood sarees, celebrity sarees, traditional sarees etc. There is no cross-checking of such products. I know the people of India deserve transparency and authenticity.

We can show our weaving space to our users. We invite everyone to visit anytime. Trust and transparency are integral to a relationship.

We are here because you are.