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How to Style Your Banarasi Saree for Different Occasions 

Every occasion seeks a different theme of look. Therefore, we must style our sarees to naturally blend in with our surroundings. But do you constantly overthink if you are overdressed or underdressed? Fear not. We got you. This is an all-encompassing guide to style Banarasi sarees for weddings, college parties, work meetings, festivals and other illustrious functions. 

The Banarsi saree is a very energetic cloth that attributes divine qualities to your look if draped in the correct vogue. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that we style the saree in such a manner that it exudes the epitome of elegance. 

We all love a little bit of jazz, don't we? Banarsi saree styles offer everything from fashion manifestations to comfort feels. They come in a palette of styles with unique allure and glisten just like sunshine on crystalline wet grass. If you want to experiment with your Banarasi style, here are a few contemporary drapes that will steal the runway.

The Traditional Theme - Weddings and Festivals!

Weddings and festivals are traditional occasions considered sacred and close to the hearts of Indians. Therefore, we must ensure that we uphold the well-preserved cultural integrity of India while wearing these sarees. Hence, here are a few traditional drapes, some with a tint of modernity, that you can use to style your Banarasi saree for these occasions.

The Dhoti Drape

In this drape, you wear leggings in place of a dress. So, instead of letting the saree fall, you take the pallu through the midsection of your legs and tie a knot at the back. You can also pair it up with Sharara pants. This gives an indo-western feel to the saree. White hoop earrings and a boat-necked blouse greatly complement this Banarsi saree style.

The Infinity Drape

This Banarsi saree drape is called so because it is impossible to figure out where the saree begins and where it ends. Pretty enigmatic right? Although it seems complicated, it only requires a focused mind and a little talent. In this style, you first need to make more than average pleats while leaving the last pleats to lose to get a cowl near the waist. Then you need to hook it to the back of the saree and finish the look with a thin, shimmery belt.  

The Seedha Pallu Style

This style is one of the simplest to manifest. After draping the saree, you only need to take the pallu from the back to the front instead of the conventional front to the back. Instead of a diagonal pallu, you can also let it drop straight. With this style, you must wear a high-necked, embellished blouse, which will be more visible than in the regular drape. This definitely makes your look more trendy and adds a dash of edginess to it. 

How to Choose the Perfect Accessories with Banarasi Sarees? 

Additionally, you can also accessorise the Banarsi saree using red and ivory-plated bangles that jingle with the reminiscing music of bridal laughter; diamond-studded rings that signify the sealed bonds of love; heavily- sequined, neck-hugging necklaces; ethnic handmade potli bags; traditional bell-ringing 'jhumkas', shiny anklets that ring with your every step; and golden or embroidered belts. 

For blouses, high Neck Blouses With Elbow Sleeves or full sleeves, halter-neck blouses, boat neck blouses and embroidered blouses with mirror or zari work are good choices. They amplify bridal silk sarees' allure by exuding their unmistakable shine.

The Gen-z Theme: College and Work Parties!

Modern parties require a taste of richness, fashion and elegance- all in one. This means that the Banarasi saree drape needs to be sensual yet sophisticated. But, on the other hand, it needs to emanate a sugary yet spicy allure. This unconventional interlacing of the two elements makes the drape of this saree intriguing and enticing. 

Neck Drape Style 

There are no words to express how fashionable this drape looks. When in doubt, go for this style. For this Victoria's secret look, you must drape the pallu around your neck like a scarf instead of letting it drop freely. This adds an unpredictable twist to it. However, ensure the pallu is long enough to cover the extra surface area. Pair it up with a heavily-sleeved blouse and statement earrings, and Viola!

Butterfly Cape Style

Do you agree that butterflies are one of nature's most beautiful creations? This style emulates the eccentric style of a butterfly. Wear a backless blouse with a traditional saree drape to achieve this look, and add a butterfly cape. This cape is a loosely woven fabric that exquisitely resembles a butterfly's wings. This look can be beautifully paired with a backless or sweetheart blouse, making it perfect for college parties where you have to flaunt your curves. 

Mermaid Drape Style 

In this style, the wrinkles, in the end, are designed in such a manner around the body that they appear to be a mermaid's tail. In the first round, it is tightly wound around the legs, and in the second round, luscious frills are made with the fabric to emulate the texture of a mermaid's tail. This style will have everyone asking you to take pictures with them because it looks stunning. It has a rich tone of modernity and never ceases to enthral everyone. 

You can accessorise the saree with denim jackets, silver hoop earrings, statement necklaces, an embroidered pallu and eccentric footwear such as sneakers. These odd pieces of embellishments will be sure to make your saree stand out but, at the same time, retain its unparalleled charm.

With this saree, modern corsets, knot, backless, and sequined blouses enhance their lustrous appeal. Try one of these styles the next time you go to an event. They will leave everyone in awe! 

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