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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Banarasi Saree for Your Wedding: Tips, Trends, and Inspiration 

Banarsi sarees come in many designs and colours, like a paint palette. It can be perplexing for a bride to be decisive in such a situation. Hence, here are a few tips from the Usee Shop to help you scout the perfect Banarasi sarees for weddings

  1. Coordinate the colours with your skin tone: The most universally flattering saree is a classic black or golden pattern. In contrast, fair-skinned individuals should pair beige and tan hues with emerald green, wine, rose pink, and pastel tones. The metallic and fluorescent colour scheme does not go with them. Colours like khaki, electric blue, and deep red look well with olive, wheat, and deeper complexion tones. Light colours don't do anything to accentuate their beauty. 
  2. Match the saree with your body type: To locate the perfect saree, you must first love and accept your body just as it is. Georgette, chiffon, and net sarees are fantastic options for women who want to draw attention to their curves. They make you think that you're slimmer than you are. Silk sarees with elaborate embroidery are the best option for people who wish to draw attention to the sarong. The best banarasi sarees for weddings are the ones that make you feel confident and beautiful regardless of your body type (pear, apple, or hourglass). 
  3. Choose the suitable fabric: Choose a fabric that looks good on you and feels good against your skin. For such a lengthy period, you should be comfortable wearing the fabric. There are many different textiles, but silk and cotton are the most popular. 
  4. The right zari and brocades: You can wear sarees with elaborate embellishments or simple patterns, whichever you like. For weddings, sarees with added glitz and elaborate needlework stand out. 
  5. The theme and time: Which colour will radiate the most beauty depends on the season and style of the event. Daytime weddings are most suited for maroon, violet, and pastel hues. On the other hand, crimson, black, and gold are all flattering hues to wear to a wedding at night because they are more profound and draw attention to your physique. 

Enthralling Nuances: Keeping up With the Banarasi Saree Trends

Banarasi sarees for weddings are impeccable weaves that revolve around our hearts with their own frequency. The trends of Banarasi sarees are ever-changing, so we must keep ourselves updated with its vagaries. This is indeed a very riveting topic to discuss. So embark with us on this journey to unveil the enigma of contemporary Banarasi sarees!

Saree With Thin Borders

Bridal Banarsi sarees with thin zari borders are trending due to their simple and chic style. They are usually designed in metallic shades of bronze, golden or silver with well-matched motifs on the body. The zari is made from fine and delicate silk threads, giving it the weightlessness of a gently-tailored cloud. They offer a divine aura with an air of confidence to the woman. 

Saree With Floral Embroidery

A red-carpet-worthy look, this style typically comes in pastel shades with thick floral embroidery on its border. In addition, these beautiful floral brocades come in multi-coloured shades, making you look like a garden from paradise. The banarasi sarees for weddings exude soft and angelic energy, entrancing anyone who lays an eye on you. Brides make the perfect target audience for these Banarasi sarees due to their daunting yet dainty feminine aura. 

Organza Banarasi Sarees

Holding a special place in the heart of Banaras, organza sarees are a wedding day desire. They contain luscious Persian and Arabic designs with magnificent embroidery and self-embossed kalga and bel bhutta motifs. They entwine themselves with your body and become a part of you. You can also find these banarasi sarees in rich ombre tones as colour block saree for weddings. They look impeccable when paired with thin embellished belts. 

Lights, Camera, Banarasi: Bollywood and Banarasi sarees

Bollywood greatly exemplifies the reconciliation of contemporary designs with traditional ones. Banarasi sarees have created history in the film industry, and many well-known celebrities have influenced their undying craze in the market. 

Wedding Banarasi sarees have been worn in a plethora of sequences in renowned Bollywood movies such as by Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in Devdas, by Anushka Shetty in Bahubali 2, who created an unforgettable image of a warrior queen, and by Vidhya Balan in Parineeta who enlivened the festival scenes with her stunning Banarasi saree. 

These beautiful displays of Banarasi sarees have undoubtedly overruled the hearts of fashion critics and taken the movie scene to an alpha level of royalty and grandeur.

Iconic actresses have worn Banarasi sarees to grand weddings outside their profession. 

Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty wore a gold and red Banarasi saree with leaf-shaped motifs to her wedding reception in Delhi. She had teamed it with a red half-sleeved blouse and a heavy necklace from her jewellery collection. Her red sindoor and Bindi made her resonate with the saree and emulate the perfect Bengali Bride. 

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, too wore a dreamy pink Banarsi saree to an illustrious event in Delhi. It gave an all-encompassing feminine glow to her look. It looked exquisite with the embroidered golden borders on it. She stole our hearts with that Banarasi saree. 

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, too, wore a shiny golden Banarsi saree for a wedding with a contrast deep-neck golden blouse and a long temple necklace. She looked like a royal highness from mediaeval India. 

Other actresses like Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut have worn Banarasi sarees to weddings and dazzled the press with their irresistible allure.

The limitless potential of Banarasi sarees to stupefy has definitely left no stone unturned. 

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