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Everything You Need to Know About Katan Silk Sarees 

Want to add a taste of ethnicity to your outfit? 

Katan silk sarees are the incarnation of divinity, and they make whoever wears them feel absolutely angelic, like you have come straight from a road to heaven. They are made from two fine-quality mulberry silk filaments twisted together to form a durable, sturdy silk thread. This refined yarn is then used in the warp and the weft of the handloom, woven in the plain weave.

The katan silk fabric is highly lustrous, compact and soft, making it world-acclaimed. Katan silk sarees are one of the most famous silk saree from Banaras. They reside in almost every weaver’s family heirloom.

Beautiful Katan Silk Saree: Origin and History

Katan Silk sarees originate from the vibrant country of Persia, which was permeated by the grand Mughal Dynasty. Extensively-designed Katan silk sarees were predominantly known to adorn the bodies of Mughal princesses. They have been mentioned briefly in the Ain-I-Akbari and Shah Jahan Nama. Both pieces of literature say that the royal highnesses used to wear the luxurious Katan sarees and then pass them down to their servants when tarnished. 

an imaginative portrayal of how katan silk sarees might have been worn in the golden periods

Katan silk made itself popular among the subjects through its indispensable sturdy nature. This caused them to be more long-lasting and, therefore, a lucrative investment. Somewhere down the timeline, Banaras embraced the beautiful nuance of this saree. The katan silk sarees we see today on a silk shop are primarily from there.

Expert Checklist to Recognise a Pure Katan Silk Saree 

Life requires constant differentiation of appearances from reality. Silk can be a confusing fabric sometimes, but with the proper knowledge, it is a piece of cake to learn its distinguishing features. Here are a few methods to uncover the concealed messages within the katan silk fabric and confidently say whether it is pure.

  1. Certain subtleties in katan silk sarees signify their originality. These include the presence of Persian motifs such as the amru, ambi, and domak; floral and foliage prints; and kalga and bel in the brocade.
  2. Characterising a well-known fact of pure silk, they will feel very gentle on the skin.
  3. They will have a textured background to freely intertwine different types of works with it.
  4. They will feel very light like you are holding only air.

Rich Intricacies of Katan Silk Saree: Variety and Designs 

Katan silk sarees are a wave of phenomenally incredible fashion that sweeps everyone off their feet. These silk sarees come in various hues, such as magenta, baby pink, sunflower yellow, fog grey and rose red. They are elegantly woven with tassel borders, resham and zari in geometric, peacock, paisley and floral prints. They are enhanced by sequin-filled boat neck blouses paired with classy pearl jewellery. They contain a palette of varieties such as:

  1. Jangla: It is characterised by intricately-weaved patterns that usually contain forested-theme motifs such as vegetables, flowers and birds.
  2. Jamdani incorporates a vivid, three-dimensional black-and-white embroidery that is highlighted for an enhanced effect. 
  3. Kinkhab: In this type of weave, the profound use of gold and silver zari conceals the background of the silk saree. This makes it look more vibrant and enticing.

Katan silk sarees are known for their sheer texture and comfort. However, to conserve that nature, we must understand its likes and dislikes:

  1. The Katan saree needs to be strictly dry-cleaned. 
  2. It can be adversely affected by intense sunlight and body sweat. 
  3. It may also turn into a dirty yellow colour or fade when used directly with an iron.

Where to Buy Authentic and Genuine Katan Silk Sarees Online? 

Katan silk sarees are the speciality of Banaras, and it is best to buy them organically from the historic city as it gives innumerable benefits to both the customer and the weaver. It is high yielding to buy these sarees straight from the weaver rather than indulging with money-thirsty intermediaries that exploit the weavers and their hard work. 

Seeking to make this filtering process convenient for you, The Usee Shop renders sarees that can be directly given to you from the holy land of the weavers. We have an online silk saree shop that has a collection impeccably beautiful Katan sarees perfect for every occasion that will leave you spellbound.

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