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Everything You Need to Know About Dupion Silk Sarees 

Do you desire for a compelling look that leaves all in awe? 

Dupion silk sarees are believed to have originated from a Chinese dynasty back in 2570 BCE. Their rusty appearance, textured effect, and unique way of production put them apart from all other silk sarees. 

Presently, they hold their heart in the sacred city of Varanasi, although the villages revolving around the city house the Ansari weavers who have been producing these sarees for generations. Their crispy touch, pure silk fabric, and contrasting shades elevate the grandeur of the saree, giving it a fashionable edge. 

What makes Dupion Silk sarees so popular?

Semi-Dupion silk sarees are the most ornate silk sarees of our time. Their unconventional weaving approach and god-given attributes make them a story to tell.

Unique Characteristics of Semi-Dupion Silk Fabric Material

The raw silk fibres used in their making are organically obtained from two or more entangled cocoons. This genius extraction method makes the texture of this yarn uneven and rough. These undulated threads fit into the weft, whereas the smooth and delicate silk threads fit into the warp. This mixture of two different varieties of threads has two primary advantages:

  1. It creates a highly-compact and tightly-woven yarn.
  2.  It gives the sarees a royally-textured slub that pervades the plain weave of the fabric. It makes the sarees look elite and classy. 

Moreover, these sarees have a mind-blowing, light-reflecting quality. They can refract artificial and natural light elegantly due to their lustrous texture. Their surprises do not end here. They also have an innate allergy-prevention mechanism. A protein called "sericin" protects our body against allergic reactions. This makes them highly beneficial health-wise. Interesting right? 

Here are a few more pockets of information you need to know about these sarees:

  1. They have a rustic appearance and are relatively thicker than regular silk sarees.
  2. They are environmentally friendly as they are composed of naturally-derived fibres.
  3. It has impeccable tensile strength due to its dual-thread nature. It accepts pressure quickly. 
  4. It exudes a very captivating and graceful look while maintaining the comfort of the saree felt by the wearer. It keeps the body cool during hot days and warm during cold days.

Variety in Designs and Colours of Semi-Dupion Silk Sarees 

The Dupion Semi silk saree can be woven into multiple patterns such as striped, floral, geometric or plaid. They are usually simplistic in style and are not sewn with intricate designs. The rich fabric in itself overpowers everyone's attention. However, some semi silk sarees contain subtle ikat prints, temple designs, golden copper zari, butta work, botti work, jaali work and meenakari work. They typically contain more extensive designs on the pallu and border than on the body of the silk saree.

These sarees come in conventionally-pleasing tones such as red, blue and pink; multi-coloured shades; contrasting combinations. And unique colours include teal, maroon, peacock blue, sap green and sap green kumkum red.

A Delicate Masterpiece: How to Take Care of Dupion Silk Sarees

Knowing how to make the purchase last is essential when you buy something. You have to ensure that you make a lucrative investment. Dupion silk sarees are highly resistant, but at the same time, they need to be handled gently. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Although it does not form wrinkles quickly, separate the saree and the iron with a cotton cloth layer if you need to iron it. Direct heat can annihilate the saree completely.
  2. Avoid washing the dupion saree several times, as it can cause the fabric to shrink and soften its texture.
  3. If you hand wash it, do it with a mild detergent or baby shampoo, as it is sensitive to harsh chemicals.
  4. To neutralize the effect of the chemicals, you can add vinegar to the concoction.
  5. Allow it to dry overnight, as it should not be given direct exposure to sunlight. The UV light may damage the yarn.

Where to Buy Authentic and Genuine Dupion Silk Sarees Online? 

While shopping for a Dupion silk saree, one may visit retail stores, online saree brands or vast saree marketplaces. The Usee is an amalgamation of all these shopping experiences, simultaneously giving you everything you need along with a silk shop. Dupion silk sarees are a great catch and deserve to be sold authentically and organically. Considering this, The Usee Shop serves as a swift tunnel between the weavers and the customer while mindfully giving the weaver families the abundance of recognition and money they deserve. 

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