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All the Special Features of Bridal Banarasi Sarees: Types and Colours

Banarasi sarees have a deep-rooted significance in traditional Indian weddings and have been delivering their undeniable grandiose since immemorial. They are made from monochromatic silk fabric in the warp and multi-coloured silk threads in the weft. These sarees are typically adorned by opulent embellishments and elegant zari with royal peacock, jaal and floral brocades enhancing the body. 

Bridal Banarasi sarees are distinguished by their delicate feel, rick look and a metallic sheen. Their patterns and designs are richly Mughal-inspired, as the highnesses from the empire used to adore Banarasi silk sarees. The sarees were their unwavering companion through thick and thin, especially while they walked down the glorious path of marriage. A must have piece for Indian ethnic wear for women

Why is Banarasi Silk Saree a Bridal Trousseau?

Banarasi silk sarees have seasoned their irresistible charm on millions of women across history, and their magnificence never gets old. The ceremonious city of Varanasi still weaves thousands of Banarasi silk sarees every year, and many of those are worn during wedding receptions, whether it be draped on the bride or the guests. 

Bridal Banarasi sarees have a tight weave to render sturdiness. They have gold-plated embroidery on the borders and a sheer texture. The pallu is lavishly interlaced with fawning fertility symbols such as fruits and flowers. Next time you go to a wedding, be sure to notice them on others or, better yet, wear one yourself, so people notice the drop-dead gorgeous saree Banarasi on you. 

There are various types of Banarasi silk sarees, such as Katan, Georgette, Organza and Shattir. However, the best wedding fit is the Tanchoi Banarasi silk saree. These silk sarees are the most ornate out of all the Banarasi sarees. The artisans weave these divine creations using richly-dyed silk threads in the weft and intricately sewn Jamawar-themed labyrinths on the saree pallu. 

The tanchoi silk sarees are: the pallu is typically characterized by paisley, flowers, peacocks, or parrot motifs. The borders are usually heavily patterned with criss-cross golden or silver zardozi a beautiful women clothing piece. 

  1. Lustrous in texture with a glorious mid-day shine. Very smooth and gentle on the skin and hence can be worn all day.
  2. Extremely durable as it is compactly woven. 
  3. This extravaganza of the tanchoi silk sarees makes them a perfect wedding-day desire. 

Vibrant Colours of Bridal Banarasi Silk Sarees 

Bridal Banarasi silk sarees come in an inconceivable palette of colours. However, these are the most popular hues:

  1. Red bridal Banarasi Sarees: These catch the hearts of brides at first glance because they signify the essence of their wedding: Love, prosperity and fertility. These sarees are usually accompanied by heavy golden borders and rich zari work on the pallu.
  2. Golden Banarasi Sarees: Gold is an auspicious colour symbol of wealth and luxury. For evening weddings, golden banarasi silk sarees will beautifully illuminate the dark night atmosphere. Another subtle shade of beige gold has recently started trending as a wedding wardrobe must-have. It is a stunning off-shoot of gold with its own nuances. 
  3. Pink Banarasi Silk Sarees: Pink is an exquisite colour that enhances the gentleness of the bridal touch and the purity in her happiness-filled heart. This, too, has golden brocades on the borders with subtle lotus or floral designs. 

Practical Tips for Styling Bridal Banarasi Silk Sarees

Jewellery: The look of a bride is incomplete without stately jewellery embellishments. Red and ivory-plated bangles that jingle with the reminiscing music of the bride’s laughter; diamond-studded rings that signify the sealed bonds of love; heavily- sequined, neck-hugging necklaces; traditional bell-ringing ‘jhumkas’, and the classic Indian maang tikka are great accessories for bridal banarasi sarees. They accentuate the silk saree’s luminous sheen while exuding their own. 

Blouses: The fitting blouse can make or break the bridal attire. Here are a few ranges of blouses that go amazingly well with bridal Banarsi sarees:

  • High Neck Blouses With Elbow Sleeves or full sleeves that accentuate the rich neckline of women with long necks.
  • Boat Neck Blouses have a very safe neckline and can hold heavy brocade.
  • Embroidered blouses With zari Sleeves amplify the allure of bridal silk sarees with their unmistakable shine.
  • Corset-type blouses achieve the perfect balance of sensual yet sophisticated.
  • Knot blouses are designer backless blouses that make a fashion statement.

Where to Buy Authentic and Genuine Bridal Banarasi Sarees Online? 

Banarasi silk saree shopping can be a tough task due to their vast availability all around India. However, there are only a few credible brands that offer you authenticity in those sarees. Centred in the sacred town of Varanasi itself, The Usee Shop brings the best banarasi saree shopping experience to you directly from the homes of the weavers, that too with high-quality options to choose from. You can take the blessings of the weavers as you move into this exciting new phase of life. Make your wedding a memorable one with Banarasi silk sarees. 

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