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Everything You Need to Know About Kora Muslin Sarees 

Life is a blend of so many things, and that is what makes it so attractive. Similarly, sarees become more vibrant when there is a striking companionship between two fibres. Kora muslin sarees are a beautiful mixture of highly-refined silk(kora) and cotton(muslin), interwoven with the sacredness and elegance of the other. These sarees are the trademark of the Coimbatore weavers, a small community of craftsmen in Tamil Nadu. 

Kora sarees can be paired with various fibres like tissue and kora. Still, in this blog, we will specifically discuss Kora muslin sarees. So, cotton-silk lovers, this is your place to be! 

Characteristics of Kora Muslin Sarees

The vibrant nature of Kora muslin sarees will leave you absolutely spellbound. It is an aggregate of everything a saree-dreamer could ask for, so be ready to be in complete awe.

The all-rounded nature of its material

Kora muslin is a lightweight, airy fabric loosely woven using the plain weave technique. This implies that, alternatively, silk weft threads are delicately woven over cotton weft threads. The value of Kora muslin lies in the freedom it gives to the body and its versatile application, from cooking to photography to wardrobe enhancers.

However, it is slightly transparent, but when draped over the body in one or two loops, it gives a look of richness and elegance.

The Designs, motifs, and colours pervading the godly saree

The intricate weaving of the saree's floral, geometrical, and abstract patterns makes it come alive. They are so meticulously ingrained in the saree that they seem three-dimensional and floating on it, their roots deep within the saree fabric. They have various leaf features, contrast borders, and pallus with brilliant zari work. Subtle tones such as off-white, grey, teal blue, yellow and red are hitting the market cap currently, along with self-embossed patterns in borderless styles with beige patterns on the pallu.

Are Kora Muslin Sarees Affordable? 

Depending on their quality and durability, Kora Muslin sarees range from 1000 to 5000. An average Kora Muslin sarees are incredibly affordable. However, going towards high-end Kora muslin can become more expensive. 

Kora Muslin sarees can range in price depending on details like the fabric quality, the complexity of the design, and the country of origin. Kora Muslin sarees are often considered luxury items and may need to be within reach for some people. Kora Muslin sarees are typically composed of pure silk. However, there are cheaper alternatives that use a cotton-silk blend. Therefore, Kora Muslin saree prices fluctuate based on demand and customer preferences. 

How to Maintain Kora Muslin Sarees? 

Getting something is one part, but retaining its intricacies is another. The latter matters more in the long run, especially if you made a worthwhile investment. So here are a few pro tips for handling Kora Muslin sarees.

  1. Dry clean the kora muslin sarees after you wear them for the first time: Initially, Kora muslin sarees are incredibly delicate and need immense care in washing for them to not tear.
  2. Clean the stain instantly: If any substance(food, paint, etc.) taints the saree accidentally, gently wipe it off with water immediately and then proceed with the more elaborate clean-up later.
  3. Hand wash them individually: The kora muslin sarees might run colour, so wash each separately with a mild detergent. Add a few drops of dilute vinegar in water for the final rinse to make the colour permanent. We recommend not using a fabric cleaning brush during this process as it might rupture or roughen the saree texture. 
  4. Refold the saree every few months: It's essential to keep the saree from creasing by refolding it and giving it some airflow so that it doesn't stay in one place for too long and develop creases along the fold lines. 
  5. Do not use naphthalene balls: The chemicals present in these destroy the sturdiness of the saree and hence should be avoided. 

Where to Buy Authentic and Genuine Kora Muslin Sarees Online? 

Kora muslin sarees are a heavenly purchase as they combine the benefits of cotton with silk. Several saree brands-online as well as offline-offer this one-of-a-kind mash-up. However, you should purchase it from a credible seller as the saree is fragile and must be handled carefully. 

The Usee Shop is an incredible choice, as it respects the sacredness of the saree, the weaver, and the customer. It does everything possible to ensure that the saree reaches the customer from the weaver in prim and proper condition. They also involve no intermediaries and preserve the authenticity of the saree and the weaver's integrity. 

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