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Don't Buy Soft Silk Sarees Before Knowing This 

Wide-spread in Tamil Nadu, Soft silk sarees are a type of chemically-treated silk yarn from which the sticky residue left behind by the mulberry silkworms has been extracted. This attributes the name "soft silk" to it, made up of silk threads in the warp and the weft. Soft silk sarees are a statement look that has roamed the palaces of every conceivable queen and princess in the history of India. So there has to be a reason behind the saree's sought-after nature. So let's discover the secret behind the soft silk saree's undying allure!

Elegance and Splendour of Soft Silk Sarees 

Just like the wind caresses the glorious trees, the soft silk saree caresses your body. It is a classy and graceful ensemble that will unmistakably highlight your curves and encompass you with divine energy. These sarees are the pinnacle of mastery and the incarnation of heavenly material. You need to try them on to know.

  1. The striking motifs and embroidery: Soft silk sarees are made of fine silk but have minimal zari work to keep the fibre's softness intact. Therefore, they are usually borderless, compensated by their stunning designs, such as floral and animal prints, diagonal zari lines, peacock motifs and tiny stone-embedded patterns.
  2. Durability and cost: Soft silk sarees can last for many generations if taken good care of, and as they have relatively less zari, they are also relatively less expensive.
  3. Luster and beauty: The universally acclaimed enchantment of soft silk sarees stand unparalleled and unchallenged today. They steal the show with their royally endearing lustre and their irresistible appeal.

How to Enrich Your Look with Soft Silk Sarees: Hot Trends 

A traditional saree with a contemporary drape is the recipe for magnificence. It incorporates the best of both worlds: the impeccable craftsmanship of ancient India and the festive touch of the 21st century. Here are a few hacks to remember while wearing soft-silk saree attire.

  1. Iron the saree with a newspaper on top of it to ensure that the front pleats do not come out too puffy due to the previous folds.
  2. If you wish to restore the sheen of the saree, then place it in distilled vinegar and lukewarm water for 48 hours, dry it and then steam-iron it.
  3. The petticoat is one of the most crucial elements when wearing a soft silk saree. We recommend wearing a cotton petticoat to help your saree look put-together and prevent it from slipping away.
  4. However, If you do not feel comfortable wearing a petticoat underneath the saree, then fear not. You can replace it with pants or saree shapewear!
  5. Apart from the saree, accessorise yourself with fancy jewellery to accompany its royal look. It will bring out the beautiful texture of the soft silk saree without diverting attention from its glamour.

Some other gen-z trends you can try with the soft silk saree are pairing it up with a jacket or a belt and tucking the pallu underneath the blouse instead of letting it hang behind you.

How to Preserve the Soft Silk Sarees and Make it Look Glorious?

Soft silk must be treated like a newborn baby because although it is stunning, it is also delicate. Follow these tips to nurture the saree with love and care it yearns for.

  1. You must wash your soft silk saree as few times as possible ( after every 3-4 years, depending on the occasion). 
  2. Before drying the saree, use a towel to absorb any excess moisture from the soft silk saree. Never twist it, as that can create wrinkles on the saree.
  3. Instead of storing your silk sarees with the other sarees, wrap them in a muslin cloth and keep them separately. Storing it with other sarees can induce a frictional and constricting environment for the silk saree. They, too, like to breathe in some fresh air occasionally.
  4. Hang your silk saree on a wooden hanger, as the metal hanger may react with the saree and annihilate its lustre.
  5. You can remove stains from the saree by applying a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts with a sponge. Further, you must use baby shampoo to rinse it off as it only contains mild chemicals.

Where to Buy Authentic and Genuine Soft Silk Sarees Online? 

With the recent surge in artificial silk sarees, it can be confusing for customers to distinguish where to buy pure ones. The Usee Shop stands to eradicate this confusion through its transparent transfer of sarees from the weaver to the customer. 

Remember, a weaver would never be disgraceful towards its century-old family legacy and always abide by traditional and authentic forms of weaving. On the contrary, TUS actively motivates these weavers to rise on their well-deserved pedestal and take the saree paradise by force. By encouraging TUS, you encourage these weavers. 

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