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Banarasi Sarees X The Usee Shop - Where Fashion Meets Culture 

Do you remember your home? The place you spent your birthday with your parents and played hide and seek with your friends? Of course, you do, we always remember our roots, and neither does the saree. Every spin, every twist, and every tangle encountered while making the Banarasi saree is rendered with love, just like how a parent nurtures a child. 

The Usee Shop(TUS) respects today's generation's need, sustaining the unassailable legacy of our forefathers and their weaving society. So instead of handing our sarees over to a mediator, TUS organically offers them to you: a safe home for the saree. 

In this blog, we will delve deep into the essence of Banarasi sarees and their undisputed purpose in weddings, daily grinds and prestigious events.

A Typical Banarasi Saree: An Aggregate of 5600 Threads, 5600 Stories and 5600 Hues!

We all drown sometimes. We have that entity that saves us. Weaving is that escape for rural artisans. We wear sarees formally before our grandparents and put them in a secret chamber in our closet. 

Little do we know, it symbolises much more than just what meets the eye. By genuinely engaging with the saree, we see that even that seemingly numb, dynamic piece of cloth conceals a deeply etched story within its network of delicately hand-loomed fibre: it paints a picture, screams a sonnet and sings a song. 

The Usee Shop is about giving a voice to those sarees and a stage for those weavers. 

  • It envisions being the harbinger of intertwining fashion with culture 
  • It builds a transparent expressway from the back to the saree ventures' front end.

Curious About the Facets of a Banarasi saree?

Originating from the sacred city of Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are well-renowned for their classic and graceful allure brocaded with pure gold and silver or Ganga-Jamuna, opulent embroidery and smooth silk. Banarasi sarees are the perfect way to experiment and discover your preferences, inclinations and style as they present themselves on an extensive spectrum:

Katan Banarasi sarees: Being one of the finest Banarasi sarees, it is made of plain-woven, pure silk threads. Katan Banarasi sarees are famous for two reasons:

  1. First, they are lightweight and soft. 
  2. Second, they are durable and sturdy.

Shattir Banarasi sarees: An old favourite, Shattir Banarasi sarees are an enticing and affordable purchase for traditional and contemporary designs.

Organza Banarasi sarees: This fabric is the cornerstone for brocades made from gold coated over silver threads. Organza Banarasi sarees are:

  1. Richly woven and
  2.  Beautifully embroidered with patterns and designs.

Georgette Banarasi sarees: Often used as designer and Bollywood apparel, these sarees give a simplistic yet lavish look with threads interwoven in S or Z patterns in the warp and the weft.

Discover the Rich Colours of Banarasi Sarees - A Guide to the Most Popular Hues 

Most of us are subconsciously conversing with the colours around us. We are inclined towards specific colours and averted towards others. Therefore, to influence those around us and our capricious mood, we must understand the psychology of a Banarasi saree colour as they apply to sarees and how they appear. The colours of Banarasi sarees come in beautiful carnations. Let us uncover the popular ones!

Red Banarasi Saree

Usually paired with golden borders, red sarees are eye candy. Red Banarasi sarees should be your first choice if you want a classy, jaw-dropping look. They typically look gorgeous on brides as they catch the utmost attention.

Blue Banarasi Saree 

Signifying the vast reaches of the sky and the ocean, blue is a vivid colour for professional outings. Blue Banarasi saree harmonises with power. Dazzle your company's anniversary next week.

Black Banarasi Saree 

Black Banarasi sarees are a must-have, a neutral and graceful colour for every occasion. They give you an incomparable aura that grabs eyeballs and keeps them mystified.

It is a buffet of sarees spiced with their unique salt and pepper, each with its vibe and enchantment. The saree you wear can reflect a lot about you, so it is essential that you make an informed decision about the saree you wear, remembering that the right saree will make you feel divine and empowered. 

Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess in every nanosecond. Abiding by that belief, TUS seeks to ensure that Banarasi sarees are accessible and affordable to even the microscopic communities enriching the Indian subcontinent with sarees starting at a lower limit of rupees 700. 

Significance of Wedding Banarasi Sarees 

As you walk down the sacred path of holy matrimony, Banarasi silk sarees are a great way to embark on this exhilarating journey. An irresistible desire for weddings, Banarasi sarees are a show-stopping pedestal to your new phase of life. The rich Banarasi silk sarees are the hallmark of :

  • intricate, awe-inspiring embroidery
  • jaw-dropping lustre

Undoubtedly, these wedding banarasi saree will make you feel like you are an incarnation of a royal highness and isn't that what every bride wants to feel like: A Queen? They incorporate a profusion of Mughal-inspired design elements, such as intricate floral and foliate motifs that the medieval-aged rulers widely patronised. They give you a bridal grace and gentleness that imprints on everyone who sees you, stunning them beyond comprehension.

Did you know the visual appeal of Banarasi embroidery can release neurotransmitters to reduce anxiety? Yes, Banarasi sarees are an oasis of surprises that can help you with your pre-wedding nerves. You can find your true best friend in Banaras. These silk sarees will be constant in your ever-changing influx of surroundings. They will make you embrace more of who you are, even at the fresh beginning of your life.  

Anytime you miss home, you can wear the saree and face time your parents to see that beautiful smile on their faces. Even Rekha, Madhuri Dixit and Vidya Balan have adorned themselves with Banarasi Sarees to weddings! They will surely be proud of you for embracing the Indian culture.  

The Elegance and Comfort of Banarasi Cotton Sarees 

Even as you will go into motherhood, let your kids remember you as a high-value woman who is always walking around the house in a comfortable and elegant cotton Banarasi saree, taking every task by force while still maintaining her sleek demeanour. 

Cotton Banarasi sarees will make you feel like a soft cloud encircling your body but make you look like a magnificent sunset draped over you. The perfect concoction, especially for social gatherings, work and post-wedding dates! Let's normalise wearing Banarasi sarees for day-to-day activities rather than considering them an aberration of modernity, especially when they're so comfortable! 

A significant benefit is that Organza Banarasi sarees crown the current fashion surge. Suppose you have a penchant for following the hot saree trends such as saree belts, embellished blouses or contrasting shades. In that case, Banarasi sarees are your final destination. The story enthroned in the curves and edges of the saree will indeed embrace your being and caress your archaic Indian soul while sprinkling a little bit of gen-z into it.

Every story matters. Make Banarasi a part of your story.

You choose Banarasi, and Banarasi chooses us. 

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